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Hartford Village Police

   "The mission of the Hartford Police Department is to work with the citizens of the community to provide a safe environment utilizing cooperation and community policing to achieve our goals. With this, the Hartford Village Police Department will utilize all training and experience at our disposal to enforce the laws and ordinances of the village, the State of Ohio, and the Constitution and laws of the United States."


How do I report an emergency?

  • During an emergency, you should always dial 911


How do I file a police report or obtain a copy of one?

  • You can file or obtain a copy of a police report by contacting the department at (740) 893-2099.


How do I pay a traffic citation?

  • You can pay your traffic citation at the police department located at 2 North High St. Croton, Ohio 43013. The Police Office is on the west side of the Village Hall. 
  • If your citation does not require a court appearance you may place your ticket with payment of the fine in the secure mail box to the right of the Police Department door on the west side of the Village Hall or mail it to Clerk of Court  PO Box 253  Croton, OH 43013 
  • If you have any questions please contact the Clerk’s office at (740) 893-2099. 

Where is the Police Department located?

  • The Hartford Village Police Department is located at 2 North High St.  There is on street parking available on all sides of the village square, however, the department is at the west side of the building. 

Will the Police check my residence if I go out of town?

  • Yes, you must provide the specific information to the department, and your residence will be added to the residence checklist.

Is the Police staff trained in CPR?

  • All officers are trained and certified in CPR.