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Mayor's Court

Mayor’s Court is held every 4th Tuesday throughout the year. Court is held in the Town Hall at 2 North High Street. Those charged with municipal violations come before a magistrate to have their cases heard. After a case has been heard, any applicable fines can be paid through the Clerk of Court.

Please contact the Court Clerk or Police Chief for the current schedule.

If you can waive your right to a court hearing, you may place your ticket with payment of the fine in the secure mail box to the right of the Police Department door on the west side of the Village Hall or mail it to Clerk of
Court PO Box 253 Croton, OH 43013

You may contact the Clerk of Court to see if you can waive your right to a hearing at (740) 893-2099


Magistrate – Brian E. Simms
Chief Prosecutor – Michael R. Moran
Special Assistant Prosecutor - William L. Stehle
Clerk of Court –